How to scale app development with Kanexy and Microsoft Azure?

October 26, 2023by kanexyfinteck@5670

Support innovation and business growth with leading cloud capabilities and a trusted partner. 

As businesses feel the pressure to deliver innovative, high-performance apps to attract and retain customers, they can struggle if they work with legacy technology solutions. An outdated architecture can make it challenging to maintain data security, scale operations, and app innovation, and guarantee high performance for workloads. 

Now is the right time to take critical actions to establish a solid foundation to support business success, innovation, and performance. As an Azure partner, Kanexy supports Azure implementation so businesses can harness the power of AI, cloud-scale data, and cloud-native app development to deliver adaptive, responsive, and personalized experiences. Here’s how we do it: 

Streamline complex workflows 

Kanexy can guide you to take advantage of Azure capabilities to automate routine tasks and consolidate redundant systems. This allows your team to focus more on high-value tasks that help you modernize your applications and bring new, innovative experiences to market faster. It also enables you to become more cost-efficient as you reduce the number of systems in use. 

Optimize application performance 

Reduce downtime by up to 25% with Azure.1 We work with you to identify and configure the right Azure services to improve application performance and cost efficiency. From there, monitoring and scaling strategies are implemented to ensure applications perform well under varying workloads. 

Enhance data security and compliance  

Access role-based access control, customermanaged keys, regulatory compliance controls, and security intelligence to help ensure that only authorized users can access sensitive information. As your partner, we can offer ongoing support to monitor and troubleshoot issues and ensure your applications are up-todate on Azure updates and security patches so that your team can have peace of mind 

Improve decision-making with data and AI 

We can help you leverage Azure AI services and data analytics capabilities to build AI models, implement machine learning algorithms, and extract the most meaningful insights from your data. These learnings are the key to staying ahead of your competition, allowing you to make smarter decisions, enhance customer experiences, and drive innovation based on realtime findings. 

Schedule time to see how we can help you scale app development with Azure at Kanexy- where we connect future possibilities. 

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