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Front-End Developers

Front-End Developers

HTML, ReactJS, AngularJS, Vue.js & More.


  • Determine timeframes for deliverables
  • Create a software design from working with business analysts or application analysts
  • Support existing applications that the team supports
  • Aid with testing and quality control when the team has a large rollout
  • Application development with a focus on responsive web design

React.js: A React.js developer is a professional software developer or web developer who uses React to create websites and apps. React is a software framework developed by Facebook and powered by JavaScript. React Native is a React framework that allows React.js developers to use React to create native apps for smartphones and tablets. React.js developers are therefore capable of writing software for both websites and apps.

AngularJS :

  • Provide a full front-end application based on business needs, using the most recent and necessary technologies.
  • Design and technical decisions for AngularJS projects should be posted.
  • write CSS, HTML, and JavaScript code.
  • Perform performance testing.
  • Oversee the workflow of Angular developers, graphic designers, and HTML coders.

Vue.js developers are mainly focused on the front-end development of web applications. Writing user-side logic using JavaScript and designing user-facing web apps and components are among the tasks of a Vue. js developer. Vue.js is a JavaScript framework for creating single-page apps and user interfaces (UIs) (SPAs). Vue.js is open-source, much like the greatest of them.

The architectural pattern is model-view-viewmodel (MVVM). The MVVM architecture separates the business logic, or model, from the graphical user interface, or view. The difference, in effect, creates a purposefully intuitive pattern for front-end and back-end developers to deal with. The viewmodel is the structure that separates these issues and acts as a liaison.

Back-End Developers

Back-End Developers

Node.js, Laravel, WordPress, Shopify, HubSpot, Magento & More.

Node.js : A Node.js developer is responsible for building server-side web application functionality in JavaScript and/or JavaScript variations such as CoffeeScript, IcedCoffeeScript, etc. Back-end components are often developed by Node.js developers, who connect the application to other (often third-party) web services and assist front-end developers by integrating their work with the Node.js application.

A Laravel developer’s primary responsibility is to create and manage unique and current online applications utilizing web development technologies. They also make and test reusable and efficient PHP modules and construct safe modular code.

A Laravel developer is responsible for developing and managing databases and performing backend and UI testing on apps to enhance speed. They also interact and work with other developers inside the firm to meet data collecting needs.

WordPress : wordpress is a free and open-source PHP Content Management System (CMS) with a template and plugin architecture that supports website building and development. It is used by 64.3% of all websites around the world whose CMS is known, equal to 43% of all websites.

A WordPress website developer is a professional who specializes in the WordPress ecosystem. It is their job to create products, themes, and plugins on this platform, or to maintain WordPress websites with updates and improvements over time.

Shopify :

  • Create an engaging and knowledgeable online Shopify store to increase sales and revenue
  • Create bespoke Shopify themes and change pre-existing templates per pre-defined brand guidelines
  • Be an expert in all aspects of the ECommerce platform
  • Work with the UX and UI Design Teams to create unique, strong, and inventive front-end user experiences

HubSpot is a leading customer relationship management (CRM) platform for scaling companies. Tens of thousands of customers all over the world use our marketing, sales, and customer success software to grow their businesses. It’s our mission to not just help them grow, but to help them grow better.

Magento is perhaps the most refined eCommerce platform introduced in 2008 for online business owners. Built on open source technology and written in PHP, it allows the users to have access to free, flexible, and simple-to-use software. It makes use of several other PHP frameworks such as Symfony and Laminas.

The core benefits that make Magento development a leading advanced digital solution for eCommerce innovation include built-in upsells and cross-sells, easy third-party integration, filter search for shoppers, and a flexible Magento shopping carts system. Besides, it is quite powerful and spacious to support up to 500,000 products on one Magento website.

In other words, making full use of Magento SEO friendliness makes it possible for the merchants to stand in the competition with the rise in the number of site visitors and overall revenue. Besides, this also helps the website rank on the top of search engines, making it easy for visitors to access products and services. Some of the top suggested SEO practices for Magento store are utilizing header and title tags, eliminating duplicate content, keeping the URLs short, harnessing no-follow links, and many more.

Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers

Performance Marketers, Programmatic Specialists, SEO Experts

Performance marketers are specialists in driving leads and engagement. They are responsible for driving the strategic direction of various marketing channels. Ultimately, they need to be confident in leading and driving a strategy before implementing any type of campaign.

With sharp strategic skills, they are able to successfully apply these tasks:

  • Setting up and managing and optimizing campaigns across different channels and platforms
  • Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)  metrics on various channels. Evaluating KPIs to tweak strategy and optimize campaigns.
  • Manage ad placements and reach target audiences across different channels
  • Perform A/B (or multivariate) testing to recommend optimizations
  • Leverage insights to successfully segment, target, reach users

Programmatic Specialist

  • Owns day-to-day performance of campaigns – completely accountable for tactics in market and according performance.
  • Mines campaign, ad server, impression, and user data to identify and capitalize on key drivers of performance and identify opportunities for account growth.
  • Trains specialist and analyst level team members on more advanced programmatic buying best practices.

An SEO expert (also known as an “SEO specialist”) is someone that optimizes websites in order to achieve higher search engine rankings. Put another way: An SEO expert is someone that knows how to get more traffic from search engines.



UI/UX, Graphic, Product Designers

UI-UX Designer :

  • plan and implement new designs
  • Optimize existing user interface designs
  • Test for intuitivity and experience
  • Communicate with clients to understand their business goals and objectives
  • Develop technical and business requirements and always strive to deliver intuitive and user-centered solutions

Graphic Designer is an exceptionally skilled artist who masters the art of creating visual text and imagery. They design unique creative content for the company’s online campaigns, websites, videos, print ads, brand labels, logos, and more.

A Graphic Designer has a strong aesthetic sense and is an expert in combining brand standards, color theories, typography, and graphic elements to make visuals compelling and attention-seeking.

To be eligible for a graphic design job, you must have a strong background in design theory, hands-on skills in the latest image and video editing tools such as Adobe Creative Suite, and a promising portfolio.

A product designer :

  • Designing and testing prototypes of new products based on customer feedback or market research to ensure the product is appealing to customers
  • Creating visual mockups of designs with computer software such as AutoCAD, Photoshop, or Illustrator
  • Reviewing customer feedback and updating designs accordingly to ensure that a product meets customer needs
Salesforce Experts

Salesforce Experts

Administrators, Functional Consultants, Technical Consultants, Developers

A Salesforce Administrator or Admin is a Salesforce-certified professional who is an expert on the Salesforce environment or ecosystem. They are capable of understanding varying system requirements, stakeholders, and client’s interests, with the end goal of helping users get the best out of the Salesforce technology.

A Salesforce Functional Consultant will take end to end ownership of the Salesforce implementation and able responsible for the scope of the project. They work closely with key stakeholders to understand the business requirements and technical environment to achieve optimal solution.

The Technical Consultant is responsible for overseeing project technical support and expertise with Salesforce and related products. Primary Duties: Act as subject matter expert and technical resource to partner with Implementation Consultants to ensure client success.

A Salesforce developer is a special type of computer programmer who writes software on the Salesforce CRM platform or another piece of Salesforce cloud technology. This ranges from creating websites to developing apps. A Salesforce developer works with computer code like JavaScript and HTML on a daily basis.

Email Marketers

Email Marketers

Campaign Managers, Marketing Specialists, Developers

Email Marketing Managers create, implement, track, and analyze email campaigns. Companies use email campaigns to do everything from selling products and services to helping with customer service and sending out subscriber information – and so much more.

An email marketing specialist is a digital marketer that focuses on building email lists, creating emails, and nurturing leads through written communications.

These professionals work with email automation software, sending out email blasts, newsletters, and more, all with the goal of increasing brand awareness and establishing a brand’s place in the competitive market.

Best Marketing Email Providers for Developers
  • GetResponse. …
  • MailChimp. …
  • ActiveCampaign. …
  • Constant Contact. …
  • Hubspot. …
  • Benchmark. …
  • Salesforce Pardot. …
  • Campaign Monitor.
Software Engineers

Software Engineers

Python, .Net, Java & More.

A Python Developer is responsible for coding, designing, deploying, and debugging development projects, typically on the server-side (or back-end). They may, however, also help organizations with their technological framework.

.NET is an open-source software development platform introduced by Microsoft in the year 2002. The first version that was released was .NET Framework (​​a software with predefined classes and functions that allow a developer to write codes and create applications) it was an alternative to Java Framework by Sun Microsystems.

.NET Framework was initially introduced by Microsoft to be used for creating applications on Windows only. However, with time Microsoft launched newer and updated versions of .NET LIKE .NETcore enables adaptability with different platforms like Linux, macOS, etc.

.NET is compatible with languages C#, F#, C++, and VB.NET.

A Java Developer is a programmer who designs, develops, and manages Java-based applications and software. With most large organizations using Java to implement software systems and backend services, a Java developer is one of the most sought-after jobs today.

Read on to explore key concepts like Java Developer roles and responsibilities, Java Developer skills, and what a Java Developer salary looks like.

App Developers

App Developers

iOS, Android, React Native

An iOS developer is responsible for developing applications for mobile devices powered by Apple’s iOS operating system. Ideally, a good iOS developer is proficient with one of the two programming languages for this platform: Objective-C or Swift.

An android developer designs software and applications for Android devices and the Google Play Store. This software developer creates apps used on Android phones and tablets. They often work for large organizations or directly for an app development company.

A React Native engineer has a great blend of JavaScript and native platform skills, making them a useful resource for any team that needs to diversify its product across multiple platforms. They know when to pursue a fully native solution, and also when to use JavaScript to maximize code reuse and understandability.

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Culturally Fit
Compatible to adapt, understand, & adjust accordingly with company’s core values, vision, principle, identity.
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Each candidate goes through a minimum 5-hour rigorous skill assessment curated uniquely as per the role.
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