Create A Positive Banking Experience With Kanexy PISP Solutions

Partner with Kanexy and provide your end-users to make easy and fast payments directly from their bank accounts, making payments more safe and secure.

PISP Solution

  • Add speed to your payments by adding a new quick payment method of PISP B2B transfer (Payment Initiation Service Provider) solutions. With PISP your customers enjoy safe purchases thanks to robust customer authentication. In comparison to credit or debit card payments, B2B transfer offers reduced transaction costs and speedier payment settlements, resulting in increased liquidity for everyone.
  • We enable common payment formats, so you no longer need to be concerned about bank or region details. Also, kanexy PISP solutions manage all technical, security, and regulatory issues, allowing you to focus on offering excellent services based on real-time consumer data.

Bank-to-Bank Money Transfer Made Faster Than Ever With kanexy PISP Solutions

Utilize our existing network to swiftly build your business using the PISP B2B money transfer system. Our online money transfer solution provides you with the ideal setting to start and expand your business.


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